Our Honey Is Amazing...

Did you know that honey is the only food that will hold its stability, nutrients and form for 2000 years? Time to stock up friends, get to know your local Beekeepers and get your dose on. Oh yeah, honey is amazing!
Honey is also one of the most incredible food varieties for shedding pounds, so much that some practitioners recommend to have a spoonful of this liquid gold, prior to bedtime. You can likewise consume your honey with warm water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, as it helps increment the digestion process. Nevermind the extra endorphins and aphrodisiac properties, honey is just really great for working on your general wellbeing.
Honey also has many therapeutic properties that help multiple health concerns anywhere from chronic illness to reversing disease onset. The honey bees have created a medicine to help restore a sensitive throat, aid in cancer prevention, and help fight against contaminations that incur from infection. It can additionally function as a purifying toner which develops allergy resistance in kids and adults.
We chose fair-farmed, local organic honey as the highlight of our ingredient list for the healing benefits in Ms.Bee Womxn products. This magic substance is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and non toxic, which is the only option for our clients who deserve the best with what comes in contact with their skin. You may also order this yummy Wild Flower infused honey by the jar from our Beehive.
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