Why do we use Beeswax in Ms.Bee Womxn products? OMG so many reasons, here’s what we found:
WHAT is Beeswax & WHY do we use it? Basically, Beeswax is a wax that comes from bees. Ours comes from Central Oregon honey bees that live & pollen ate Wildflowers. The worker bees produce a honeycomb of this wax to store the colony’s honey. Think of this miracle wax like the “framework for a house”, that’s how special and important it is to a Beehive. It makes sense that Beeswax is also human-skin regenerative with a nice dose of Vitamin A & using it directly on the skin aids in sooner healing after damage.
Beeswax is quite possibly the most versatile ingredient available that suits perfectly to our largest body organ(the skin). It can help skin attract and retain moisture while allowing it to breathe & heal at the same time. With antiseptic properties, it can help protect the skin from pathogenic microorganisms & offer a protective barrier to our main portals (mouth, vaginal opening, anus & armpits).
This ingredient superstar on its own has a subtle honey fragrance too, which allows us to keep our brand all-natural with a hint of essentials that we use in select product offerings.
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